Thursday, May 15, 2008

Steve's Hog

Steve Moss caught this monster steelie on the Stamp river in Vancouver B.C. on Dec 30. A wild buck, the fish was very very strong and would never have been landed without the help of a boat that allowed us to travel downstream during the fight. The guide -- who had been guiding the stamp for 5 years, and had guided in Alaska, said it was the largest steelie he's ever seen caught on the stamp - "a fish of a lifetime." While they get bigger, in Northern BC and Alaska, this monster wild male measuring at 21+LBs / 37 inches long / 19inches girth is about as big as them come on the Stamp. This was Steve's first ever steelie and the only fish caught on the trip. Again - amazing: guide invests thousands of hours over the course of 5 years never catches, or sees a fish caught this big.... Steve invests 3 hours catches the fish of a lifetime.

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Gms60302 said...

This fish would look bigger if two people weren't holding it