Monday, August 23, 2010

Sub-Surface was the Ticket

As a true smallie junkie... Will could write the "Kankakee river smallies for dummies" book (and as a dummy I would buy it). Will's smallie experience got us into fish that otherwise would have been much trickier to seduce. The bite was definitely "off" according to the guys at tightlines, because of the weather patterns (sharp drops in temp and excessive rain) that led to a number of cancellations just prior to our trip. We got lucky- the weather was great during our two day stay... but smallies are finicky the fish were definitely still in a bit of a funk. According to Tim and Hunter, the guides we fished with at Tightlines, top water is what they fish 99% of the time, mainly b/c the floats on the "M River" are quite long 8-9 miles... and b/c it allows them to target only the most aggressive eaters. Which makes total sense when the bite is on. In spite of this, after a pretty slow morning on day 1, Will smartly switched it up and started fishing streamers and quickly (as in 10 minutes after switching it up) caught the biggest fish of our trip (see below) on a murdich minnow. It was a fat fat fatty 18" 4lb+ fatty, that Tim thought was about 14 years old. Did I mention it was a fatty? Not a bad fish for Will's inaugural hogstalker post... it's actually hard to really tell from this photo (cause Will's not pulling a Supinsky like I am), but this fish was a wide body and definitely in class above any of the other fish we caught. In all (I believe because we switched it up and fished mainly streamers) we had a phenomenal two days of fishing... so good that I can't wait to be up there when the bite is on, we're definitely going back.

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