Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gidzo's 1st fishing trip

Hawaii Jan 2012. We went Marlin hunting and the only action of the day was a short bill spearfish - rare and only caught in Hawaii and a few places in Asia.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frenchouse Redfishing

Five of Nine "frenchousers" met up for a college reunion in Charleston this past november to play some golf and do some redfishing.  The conditions could not have been better.  Zero wind.  Countless fish... most more than willing to eat.   Which allowed us to sight fish to reds all day, that were either schooled up like bone fish in groups of 25+ or cruising in pods of 2-5... either scenario meant they were competing for the fly.  Everyone in our group caught fish.  Of course... given the perfect conditions I thought it would be fun to make myself nearly go insane by accidentally fishing a 9wt rod with 7wt line.  Wait... what?!?   It took me three quarters of the day to figure it out.  Moral of the story... always... always... always... blame it on the gear.  

All in all, a great time... we even caught a few in the 15lb+ range.  It was my first time on the water with McCabe - who both cast his first salt water fly rod and caught his first red fish all on the same day.   Not bad.  A great reunion that we'll definitely do again in future years!  I definitely recommend Chris Wilson for red fishing in Charleston.