Monday, May 17, 2010

Simmer's sexy brown

Possibly the star of the show... Eric caught this 20incher beneath a spawning steelie. A gorgeous muskegon resident brown that gave Eric a victory in the big-brown contest. Wow!

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Ben's first ever steelie... what a hottie!

Benny (and Doug our guide who promised he'd get him his first) both let out a sigh of relief when Ben landed this one. A strong/fresh fish, who went on a nice anchor pulling run, was probably the highlight of the trip because it was Benny's first steelie ever, and it ensures we'll have many more trips. Nice lid Doobs!

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Graham's only steelie to hand...

I connected with 7 or 8 fish... and this is the only steelie I got "in" the boat. I think I need a lesson in not horsing it. Great times! Highlights include seeing Benny catch is first, and hearing Bart catch his first (I think the entire county of Newaygo heard him) and streamer fishing the PM with Steve... the volleyball, poker, casting contest, and watching Gabe's brothers band also added to off-the river fun. Next year we need to time the run a little better, but I think it is safe to say this will become an annual trip.

Bart's big hens...

Bart lost his steelhead virginity, won the big steelie pot, and landed the most steelies of anyone in the group. Not bad and sweet redemption, since last time he on the Muskegon (about 5 years ago) he got skunked, caught in a downpour storm without a coat, sunburned, and nearly sunk our boat... all in one day. So after his 5 or 6 fish landed, I would say the score is even: Bart 6 Muskegon 6. Not bad given the challenge of sight fishing to small pods of fish at the very tail end of the run.

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Steveo's steelie

Steve's first Muskegon steelie was a nice one, and I think only about 15 minutes into the day on Saturday... a strong fish that finished 2nd to Bart's chrome momma. I thought for sure the ninja was going to boat a dozen steelies and it gives the rest of us renewed confidence that he only boated this one (and also, along with the rest of us, lost about a half dozen others).

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