Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Up at 5am, home by 11:30pm. Feels good to know I still have those trips in me.

Up at 5am.  6 hour float turned into 10 hour float due to 30 mph winds pushing us upstream for the last 5 hours.

Upon arrival to the launch, lightning rolled in then cleared.  Fishing for the first half of day was producing big time.  First 5 hours were such that every cast was made with anticipation of a strike.   In the middle of a hot section where I had the same fish strike my foam fly 5 times on the surface (theory: lightweight fly kept getting pushed out in front of fish's mouth or something very weird but not as weird as having no hook), Bart's reel had a major malfunction while fish was on.... and then off.  The Lamson completely came apart at the seams... literally.

By about 3pm the wind started picking up and temps dropped.  Weird high pressure blowing in from the north shut the fishing down and made casting very interesting.  I took a hook wrap gently around my ear, to the back of my head, the my love handle and once to Steve's mid back that let out a yelp....

Anyway, the wind gusts felt much like those terrible high wind, terrible viz days attempting to saltwater fish only because you are there and planned the trip months in advance... but you have no business fishing.

Steve-o once again redeemed the afternoon with an hour of precision casting to within inches of the bank.  That mixed with his bulldog persistence landed him the last smallie of the day.

Good times.  sooooo good to be out.  needed that badly.

Pre-spawn on the River M

Just the facts:

Fact 1: Arms/shoulders sore... hands swollen from landing fish non stop for 2 straight days
Fact 2: two legitimate hogs... taped over 20" (Joel & Steve)
Fact 3: countless (prob 25) shy of the 20" mark in the 18- 19 7/8 range
Fact 4: 175+ fish among four guys over 2 days.
Fact 5: Catching fish like that is dangerously greedy... could ruin us for awhile