Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tony's hog

TC caught this Monster 21lb, 39inch, 19inch girth Steelie on the Muskegon river. Guided by Tim Van Gessell who has guided on the river for 7 years. According to Tim it is the biggest steelie he's personally seen to hand in 7 years. Tim fishes more than 200 days a year. So some quick math: 200 x 7 x 8 = roughly 11,200 + hours of fishing. To put this in perspective, Tony landed this fish roughly 1.5 hours into his first day of fly fishing for Steelies EVER. I would be tempted to call it luck -- but Tony proceeded to catch 4 more fish in the 12-16 lb range all of which are larger than ANY steelie I've ever landed in 5 years of trying. So "lucky and good" is a more appropriate description. Chalk it up to the refined quick twitch muscle reflexes of a seasoned walleye fisherman from Minnesota.

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