Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smallie Stalking on the [@#$@#$%]... a sacred secret tailwater somewhere in the midwest...

this past weekend Steve Rogers, Tony Barthel and I floated a super sacred smallie river in post-torrential down pour conditions. Normally (according the Steve) the river produces ridiculous numbers of smallies -- a full day float has yielded 40-50 fish. We landed 8 between the three of us. The two pictured here were both healthy 17-19 inchers, we give them hog status but clearly on the junior varsity. Full letter winner hogs would be in the 20 + inch range, north of 5lbs. I landed a few + one moon-eye, but nothing as big as these two.... 'oh and for the record Steve's fish was bigger than Bart's -- however, Tony is more skilled in the art of photo geometry.

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