Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 2015 combo offshore / inshore trip (part 3)

One of all time best days on the water, ever.  Tall statement but I think it is true.  Drew who is one of the best, of the best tarpon fly guides in the keys delivered in a big big way.  We had an fantasy filled, story book day: 8 tarpon jumped/landed between the two of us.  We cast to countless fish.  Countless. Pure insanity.  I'll be surprised if in the balance of my life on this planet I have another tarpon day as good as this one.  At various points when the action was white hot, time slowed to a surreal standstill, I've experienced that feeling two other times in 30 years of chasing fish.  Once when I was 12 years old pike fishing with my dad and his best buddy in Canada when back to back to back monsters were caught and it felt like the next cast was both seconds and hours away during the fight, and once in Montana (Ben you know exactly what I'm talking about) with Mark and Pete, on the Madison river "skating" for trout after dark during the salmon fly hatch.  I may have checked my pulse a few times to confirm it was actually happening.  I have about 20 minutes of video snippets.  Posting only a few here... one shared purely to hear the soundtrack of the reel signing.

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