Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2015 NOLA redemption

I tend to overuse the word epic.  In this case the word works… the fishing was truly epic and felt like sweet redemption in follow up to my only other trip to NOLA back in Dec of 2013 when the weather took a you know what on our trip and I couldn't get a single fish to eat.  Feel very very very lucky to have secured a random single day this past Feb that happened to line up with IDEAL conditions on the marsh.  Doug Henderson was on it, he delivered big time.  He had us on fish all day long.  No shortage of chances… most were laid up, some active / cruising the shore line.  All extremely compliant and wiling to absolutely obliterate the fly when it got inside their personal "I'm going to kill/eat this now" space.  Most ate purple & black clouser type patterns, but a few on topwater poppers.  We landed 15 or so fish, hooked a few more and didn't come in.  Most in the 15 pound range.  A few around or just over 20lbs.  We saw and cast to a handful of fish in the 25lb+ range one that Doug believed was pushing 30lbs.  No luck with any of the bigger boys tho…. which is perfectly fine because it cements the necessity to return for more.   Love NOLA.  Love red fishing.  Love the beauty of the Louisiana marsh.  Love that we fished all day and didn't see another flats boat.   Can't wait to get back.

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