Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Driftless March 2012

Benny and I spent 2 days chasing fish in driftless this past weekend. The highlight was hanging with Ben - it's been a while since we've chased fish together, or just hung out period. The fishing was mediocre, but it was awesome to get the 4wts out and be stoked about 8-12 inch trout... again. We enjoyed meeting Steve and Deb who put us up in their cabin (search Mayflylodge) on the bad axe. The low point of the weekend was realizing that we were short (or completely out) of scuds right when we realized that they were the meal-ticket.

We fished the west fork of the kickapoo, bishop, timber c, spring c., and bohemian. Hilariously, we tossed big streamers for a while (sex dungeons, etc.) thinking we could coax out the hogs... before we threw in the towel and accepted that we were probably just freaking out the fish. Unfortunately we saw zero bugs coming off the top, as the baro was headed in the wrong direction and the temp (after 10 days of 70s and 80s) was stuck in the low 40s both days. I had a great time on bohemian tossing wholly buggers - even in small water (the width of a sidewalk) the brownies are the alpha dogs. Watching a 12 incher shark follow your streamer in small water is just as thrilling as a 2 footer in big water (well not quite.. but fun nonetheless).

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