Monday, August 23, 2010

August "M River" Smallies

We were skeptical when the guys at Tightlines told us to bring 7 & 8 weight rods... but now we get it. I was blown away by the strength of these fish! Pound for pound I don't think I've ever felt a stronger fresh water fish. The 14-16 inchers were the true fighters... they went absolutely ballistic and each time I tied into one (in that class) I thought I had a trophy before we saw the fish. One theory to explain the exceptional strength of the "M River" smallies is the fact that they are 100% wild / naturally reproducing, as the "M River" has never been stocked with hatchery fish. Between the two of us, Will and I caught 6-8 photo worthy fish, none over the hallowed 20" mark (which will definitely bring us back for more, because they are in there up to 22"). Our two biggest were pushing 18" around 4lbs. On this river, some of the best fish were fatties in the 16-17" range. All in all, an awesome time on the water with Will - a tone of good laughs and memories!

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